The Sur Dish

See what Stassi, Jax, Scheana, Katie, Tom, and Kristen thought of the first episode of 'Vanderpump Rules.'

on Jan 7, 2013

Katie Maloney Give us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR? How did you end up there?
Katie Maloney: I have been working at SUR for 3 years. I went to SUR for dinner with friends for the first time and thought it was a really cool restaurant. I brought my résumé in the next day and the rest is history! Do you feel the same way as Stassi, that Scheana was someone who should not be trusted? Do you think Stassi's treatment of her was fair?
KM: No. I don't share the same feelings as Stassi. I don't condemn Scheana for her past, although I don't condone it either. I gave Scheana the benefit of the doubt. Once I got to know her I found that she is a cool chic. On the other hand Stassi is my best friend however, I don't respect the way she treats Scheana. Stassi is extremely opinionated and tends to act on impulse. That's just her and I cant control it. I ALWAYS am encouraging Stassi to be mature and give others a chance! You’re the only staffer not dating someone on staff -- is the deliberate? Are you glad to be out of the in-house dating pool?
KM: It wasn't a deliberate decision. However, Schwartz being best friends with Jax and Tom Sandoval and the former roommate, that makes him an honorary SUR member! Tom and I have a really great relationship and I'm happy we don't work together, I like that I have my own thing and he has his own thing. Do you think SUR is a hard restaurant to work at compared to other places you’ve been?
KM: In some ways, yes. It's very difficult to come into SUR and just do your work and go home. I feel like every shift is eventful and never know what to expect. Also, it's almost impossible to leave personal issues at home because I work with my best friends, which brings in a lot of drama! All that aside, I love working there! What would your dream career look like?
KM: Ah! I would have my own music supervision company, as well as a boutique record label.