The Sur Dish

The SUR staff shares their thoughts on the shocking finale and gives you an update on where they are now.

Feb 25, 2013

Scheana Marie Why did you decided to sit down with Lisa and discuss the scheduling incident? Were you worried that she was going to fire you?
Scheana Marie: I wanted to sit down with Lisa to apologize for being disrespectful. I have so much respect for Lisa and I know it is mutual, so I felt I needed to explain my behavior. I wasn't worried at all that I was going to be fired. I just wanted to explain my point of view of what was going on in my head at that time that day. I was extremely emotional and I explained to Lisa that a friend of mine had just passed away and that fed into why I was so upset. I always work in the lounge at SUR and was told very specifically I needed to work the VIP party, so to show up and have them tell me I had to cover someone's shift in the restaurant was not something I was willing to do that night or at the time even trained for. What did you think of Jax's shocking confession?
SM: I wasn't at all surprised by Jax's confesssion. I believed it was true the entire time so I definitely wasn't shocked by it. I was more shocked that he finally manned up and admitted it. What did you think watching this season? Were you surprised seeing things from the other side?
SM: Watching this season was surprising. I didn't realize so much had gone on without me that it was really interesting to watch for the first time. I had heard so many stories about Vegas, but to actually see it was amazing because the stories I had heard seemed unbelievable. Seeing things from the other side I think was good though because you get to experience it with the audience for the first time. It's so interesting to hear the interviews and see what people said about you several months ago because so much has changed in our relationships since then. Anything you want to share with the viewers pre-reunion?
SM: Nothing that I can think of other than I hope we get to see more of me (and all of us) if there's a next season!!!