The Sur Dish

The SUR staff shares their thoughts on the shocking finale and gives you an update on where they are now.

Feb 25, 2013

Tom Sandoval What did you think of Jax's confession?
Tom SandovalPart of me was definitely thrown off by Jax's confession, simply because it so closely matched the similar situation that happened before Jax had met Stassi. And again, plus the fact that the news of Jax cheating was coming from Frank, who obviously wanted to be with Stassi. I gotta say, I was pretty hurt and annoyed by the casual way Jax told me after the fact. His lying had caused such a rift in our core group, and I would have handled the Vegas situation so much differently. Obviously, I would've told him to not go to Vegas, and I definitely wouldn't have tried to fight Frank. Were you more surprised that Jax had lied to Stassi, or that he had lied to you for so long about the incident?
TS:I'm not surprised that Jax lied to Stassi. And actually, I'm really not that surprised that Jax lied to me. When you have such a big lie like that I'm sure he was thinking that the less people that know the truth, the better.

Katie Maloney What did you think of Jax’s shocking confession?
Katie Maloney: I was upset because Jax had been extremely convincing for months. It was really a let down when he finally confessed. Were you more surprised that Jax had lied to Stassi, or that he had lied to you for so long about the incident?
KM: Both honestly. I thought he would have at some point come clean to Tom Sandoval or Tom Schwartz but he never did. I can't imagine how a person can live with that kind of guilt and regret and still continue to lie. It was a really hard pill to swallow.

What did you think watching this season? Were you surprised seeing things from the other side?
KM: At times I certainly was surprised to witness somethings that I obviously wasn't around for. However, it helped a great deal to finally see and hear what was happening with Stassi and Frank (and same with Stassi and Laura-Leigh) and to sympathize with Stassi. Anything you want to share with the viewers pre-reunion?
KM: Something we all have really tried to convey this entire season is how close and deep rooted our relationships with one another really are. We have all been through so much prior to even filming and always work through it. This last summer was by far the most traumatic and eventful time for us thus far. Since we wrapped we have been through even more, but we are currently all on good terms and still patching up the pieces. I hope my voice and reason is heard in the reunion as I felt it was often lost through out the season!