The Sur Dish

Jax explains why he came to Vegas and why he and Stassi are Ross and Rachel, and Tom explains his shirtlessness.

Jan 28, 2013

Jax Taylor Why did you decide to go to Vegas?
Jax Taylor: I wasn't going to cancel my trip because all my friends were going. I mean deep down inside I knew it was probably a bad idea. But Tom, Tom, and Peter were going and those guys are like my best friends. It was a road trip. Stassi doesn't own Vegas.

I thought maybe I could stay away from her, but I think something got inside me. In my mind, I just wanted to go and enjoy the time with my friends. Were you shocked that Frank had tried to drive such a wedge between you and Stassi?
JT: He can still try all he wants. It's never going to happen. He keeps trying to drive her from me, and the more he does that, the more he's just pushing himself away from her. If he was a more confident person he would know that he should just let it go. But the fact that he tries so hard to keep me away, I think she see that too. The stuff that he says, the under-the-breath comments, and little stuff like that it just shows that he is a little worried. And he has every right to be. I've been in her life a long time. She's just not going to forget about me overnight. We have a lot of history. And I know that she still loves me. I still love her. It's obviously a bad time right now. But we do have a future together. He just has to realize that. Why did you also decide to send flowers to Stassi, knowing that she would be with Frank when she got them?
JT: I mean, yeah we're fighting, but, she is my girlfriend of two years and it's her birthday. When I sent the flowers, I wasn't going to go Vegas. So I thought maybe I'd send her a bouquet of flowers to say "Happy Birthday. I miss you. I love you" to show her that, all things set aside, I hoped she would have a wonderful birthday.