The Sur Dish

Jax explains why he came to Vegas and why he and Stassi are Ross and Rachel, and Tom explains his shirtlessness.

Jan 28, 2013

Tom Sandoval Did you think it was a good idea for Jax to come to Vegas? What did you think of Stassi’s decision to bring Frank?
Tom Sandoval: I was on the fence about Jax coming to Vegas, but obviously, in hindsight, maybe it was a bad idea. At the time we were all just in shock that Jax all of a sudden was disinvited to Vegas. Just to give you a timeline:

Thursday, June 21: Jax picks up Stassi from Supper Club takes her home. All is great. They spend the night together. At that point Jax is invited to Vegas.

Friday, June 22: Jax goes to modeling job, Frank conveniently tells Stassi that Jax has cheated on her, and got a girl pregnant. Stassi misses work, and she, Frank, and everyone drink Jax's Cristal.

Saturday, June 23, 8 am: We (the guys) leave for Vegas with Jax, so at least he can tell his side of the story. That same night was the fight.

Sunday, June 24: Stassi's actual birthday, when her "other friends" came in town.

I thought it was way too soon to be bringing Frank to Vegas. I understand that she wanted to have a date, but one of Jax's friends and co-workers? And Frank's the one telling you (Stassi) a story that EXACTLY matches what happened thee years ago, which she knows about. The only "proof" Stassi has is Frank's word. It really just seemed like she finally had her excuse, a scapegoat, to take the heat off the Frank situation. At that point Stassi refused to talk to Jax and hear his side of the story. Stassi seemed downright ignorant, and the whole situation seemed shady. Now that I think about it more, if I could do it all over again, I would've told Jax, "Come to Vegas, and get your girl back!"