The Sur Dish

Jax explains why he came to Vegas and why he and Stassi are Ross and Rachel, and Tom explains his shirtlessness.

Jan 28, 2013 Why didn't you tell Kristen that he was coming?
TS: I promised Jax I wouldn't tell Kristen, and I don't like to break my promises. Maybe it would have changed the outcome, but I decided not to put Kristen in the horrible position of whether or not to tell Stassi. I sort of left it up to fate. . .We could've easily fit five people in a car and all drove together, and the morning of leaving we told Kristen and Katie to get on the road, we would catch up because we were waiting for Peter. Kristen knows that Peter is NEVER late. . . Do you think the flowers Jax sent were a good idea?
TS: I think it was a great idea! Jax had already ordered the flowers ahead of time. It put Jax in her thoughts, the person she was conveniently trying to forget about. It was a baller move, and I would've done the same thing. Who do you think started the fight?
TS: I think obviously when Jax walked in to restaurant is when s--- hit the fan. When that happened I knew things were about to go from bad to worse quickly. Why did you take your shirt off when things started getting intense with Frank?
TS: I took my shirt off because it was really hot in Vegas, and also to show off my great tan! Hahaha! Wow! Not my proudest moment. . .I think the last time I did that was in 8th grade. We all had a pretty good amount to drink. I had so much pent up anger towards Frank and felt so betrayed. Once we started arguing it escalated quickly, and things got physical. I def cringe every time I think of it. What did you think of Stassi's behavior during the fight? Do you think she made things worse?
TS: I definitely think Stassi made things worse. Even though Katie was trying to keep the peace, she grabbed Katie's hair and threw a drink on Tom Schwartz. Of course, Schwartz retaliated with dumping his whole beer on her. Haha! Wow what ridiculousness! I don't think Stassi really knew what was going on. Like the rest of us she was pretty drunk, and was overwhelmed at the time by Jax showing up. Were you surprised Stassi had another group of friends roll in? Were you surprised that Kristen, Katie, and Stassi didn’t make up at the end of the trip?
TS: I'm not surprised that Stassi had other people from Sur come to Vegas. We all new they were coming. I am also not surprised that Stassi, Katie, and Kristen didn't make up at the end of the Vegas trip. When we left that night there was no bad blood between Stassi and Kristen to deserve the picture text that Kristen got the next day. At that point, Kristen, Katie and I were fed up with Stassi's ego and attitude. I guess Stassi was mad that Kristen and Katie didn't believe every bad thing that was coming out of the mouth of the guy trying to sleep with her. We were also annoyed at all the people who were stroking Stassi's ego to get free meals and bottle service. Schwartz and I came out that next night to support our girls. Our girls came to wish they're best friend "happy birthday. We paid for all our drinks that night.