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Jax Comments on Those Pesky Rumors

After all these years, Jax still can't get around Stassi's MacGyver-ways.

I got to brunch a little bit late. It was like a day party at Bagatelle. I just remember we just started drinking, and got really drunk that day. I was pretty wasted. We got a punchbowl full of champagne and whatever else. Everybody was going crazy in there. I don't remember too much of what happened to be honest. My shirt came off. Katie was whipping me with her belt. We were playing beer pong.

It was no drama really -- except for Stassi asking me about the rumors. I was kind of like déjà vu going back to thinking about what happened over the past year. My first instinct was to smooth everything over, and that's what I did. I just didn't want to make a big deal about it. The night they are talking about happened so long ago -- like a year ago. Stassi and I weren't even dating at the time, and neither were Tom and Kristen to be honest, so what would it matter? I just wanted to downplay it and not make this a huge deal.

At this point anything could have gone down, so I'm not surprised Stassi believed the rumors. I'm sure she was in shock as well.

Katie's apologies don't really mean anything to me, because she gets drunk and makes trouble and then apologizes the next day. I took it with a grain of salt.

As far as the drink thing with Lisa and the secret shopper -- a lot of times the people that come into SUR and are so particular. Sometimes they are people that just want to complain. Those are the times I don't really fix them. I just reshake them or whatever. The people that come into SUR can be snobby. They want to complain to complain. Plus I made them a great drink to begin with!

I wasn't shocked when Stassi tried to trick me via text. It's absolutely something I would have expected from Stassi. She's like a MacGyver. And I still haven't learned how to get around it. She's really good at it. But this one I was expecting.

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