Jax Taylor

Jax reflects on finally feeling remorse for his betrayal, his fight with Tom, and his never-ending love for Stassi

on Feb 3

To be honest, I wasn't nervous going to Scheana's engagement party. Everything was OK. But with Tom, it escalated. I gave Tom ample opportunity to approach me. We went out in the parking lot, I talked to him at the beach -- I obviously told him what happened. When he hit me, I didn’t know that was coming. To be honest, I was shocked. He waited until I was around all these girls. He could have hit Scheana -- or anybody else. It wasn’t really appropriate. I get it, he was mad, I would have hit me, too. That’s not what I was mad about. I was mad about how he approached the situation. There's girls around, you know? We were out in the parking lot, we’re men, we cold have handled it like men, instead of in front of girls, in Lisa’s restaurant. We didn’t need to do that here.

I didn't think Kristen would finally admit everything. I know I'm called a liar, but Kristen lies. She's been crying wolf for so long saying, "I'm done with this relationship, I'm done, I'm done." Here's your way out -- be honest. All she had to do was say it. At first she said it only happened once. I mean, if it happened once or 60 times it doesn't matter, it happened. 

I think they got into one of those situations where you've invested in a relationship for so long -- you share bills, you share things -- it was probably easier to stay together. It's a lot of work to break up. I know that’s not an excuse, and that’s not one I would use. I could never live in their lifestyle. They were never happy in their whole five years together. I've known them their whole relationship. I've known them for 10 years, both of them. They were miserable the whole time. They can tell you till they are blue in the face they were happy; they weren't. I don't understand how you can be in a relationship when you're just constantly fighting and miserable.