Katie Maloney

Katie explains why she is no longer friends with Kristen and what she's looking for in a proposal.

on Jan 21

I never wanted to be the one to "Tell Kristen to break up with Tom," but, over the course of our friendship, I witnessed a very unhealthy pattern. Kristen herself even said to me on multiple occasions that she knew that breaking up with Tom was her only option. I was only looking out for her best interest and wanted her to do what she needed to do.

When she had made the decision to leave Tom in Cabo, I was backing her and offering support. When we returned to L.A. she was singing a different song, and I became very frustrated and felt she wasn't respecting herself and her own mental and emotional health. I really began wondering if our friendship could withstand all that was happening, given that her life -- and my life -- became consumed by her turbulant relationship.

I wasn't shocked that Tom and Jax were at such odds after everything went down in Cabo. Tom was deflecting a lot towards Jax. I think that was when we really began to see the guilt shine through. I have no ill will towards Tom and I never wanted him to suffer from the rumors, but I strongly felt the truth needed to come out for him and Kristen's benefit and for the future of their relationship.