Katie Maloney

Katie explains why she is no longer friends with Kristen and what she's looking for in a proposal.

on Jan 21

The way I felt about Tom projecting anger towards Jax is the same way I feel about how Kristen was acting towards Ariana. It's easier for Kristen to be mad at Ariana, even though she wasn't really to blame. Ariana did lie to Kristen though, which is why she maybe deserved a little backlash -- but didn't deserve the s---storm from Kristen. Tom was the one who cheated and she should have solely took it up with him.

I found Scheana's proposal to be heartfelt and happy. I don't think I would wanted my friends to be organizing it all and simply tell Tom to just show up. I would prefer Tom to orchestrate it all from his own heart and, if need be, request my friends help. I am extremely happy for Scheana and Shay, without a doubt. They are 100 percent right for one another, and it only makes sense that they make a ever lasting commitment to each other.

I truly believe Tom told Ariana that he and Kristen were breaking/broken up. He may have even been truthful. Kristen and Tom certainly go through extreme ups and downs, and they could have been in a state of limbo. However, I don't think its wise to go the lengths he did. Telling someone you are single when its still in question and proceeding to hook up with someone is wrong. It was also extremely disrespectful towards Kristen.