Katie Maloney

Katie explains why she went head to head with Scheana and dishes on the #RHOBH.

on Dec 30, 2013

I know Lisa is very particular when she come into SUR and wants to know that her and her guest will get the best service possible. I of course am flattered she selected me as part of the team to work the dinner party. It’s always a good sign when your boss thinks you do your job better than others.

Peter and I never "dated." I was still new at SUR and was getting to know Peter and I had a big crush on him. We flirted and then hung out a couple times. Before we could get to the dating part he shut it down. I didn't know it was because of Stassi. By the time I figured it all out, Stassi and Peter weren't seeing each other anymore and Stassi and I were friends. It was so funny for Stassi and I to talk about the few weeks of overlap with Peter. We give him a hard time often for laughs.

Jax has a way of stirring the pot, and then back peddling. It’s confusing because it makes you wonder if the information he brought up is in fact false, or if the information actually is true and now he doesn't want to take responsibility for it. This was a case of it being true that he said something and Jax not wanting to assume responsibility. It was so frustrating because he made Stassi and I not only look bad, but made us feel like we were insane because we knew what he told us and the fact that he was saying that he never said anything was extremely frustrating. The story that Jax told Stassi and I could have been fabricated, but he did say it never the less. I was pretty certain that there was some truth in these rumors, just didn't know to what degree.