Katie Maloney

Katie explains why she went head to head with Scheana and dishes on the #RHOBH.

on Dec 30, 2013

I knew the moment Kristen found out that Tom and Ariana were bartending together she would lose her mind. That’s why we didn't want to tell her. Of course, as expected, she found out and wanted to storm in on it. I don't know why Kristen thinks confronting someone at work especially in front of Lisa is a good choice.

I understand Arianna was just trying to dissolve the rumors when she approached Kristen outside. It was driving Kristen crazy though and maybe Arianna could have been a little more sensitive to her feelings. It’s a really tough call to make. I wasn't going to get involved between Kristen and Arianna, but Scheana dove right in. It wasn't her battle, which only made it worse. She was being extremely rude that night. She was throwing around the "f--- yous" and accusing me of having a drinking problem. I just didn't know why she felt she needed to get involved.