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Katie dishes on Kristen's rumored betrayal and why she thinks Stassi needed vindication.

I honestly thought Jax admitting to anything with Kristen was a lost cause. I was starting to accept the fact we might not ever know the truth and it may really not be true. After one last valiant effort Jax just said it! He waved his white flag. We were all stunned, I think our jaws simultaneously hit the table. Jax then proceeded to divulge details. This is an occasion where I did believe the words coming from Jax Taylor's mouth.

An act of betrayal of this magnitude is really disturbing. It confirms that these are two people with some serious issues. A person of sound mind and rational thinking just wouldn't ever go there. Cheating is bad on its own, but cheating with your boy’s girl or you girl’s ex-boy is just wrong, wrong, wrong! When I also found out that Tom Sandoval was in the next room sleeping one of the times, I mean, I am speechless.

Oh, yeah! You don't get to call it a mistake if it happens twice! This is not the type of behavior I can condone. I don't want to be friends with someone who would lie and betray to such extreme lengths. This is what Kristen doesn't realize: if you call someone your best friend and love them like family, and then you completely betray them, expect no one to want to be your friend. And Jax saying he feels no remorse for Tom? I have no words. It's in humane.

Stassi had pleaded for Kristen's honesty, yet Kristen still claimed it wasn't true and actually made Stassi feel bad for even thinking Kristen would do such a thing! All decency and respect for Kristen had flown out the window, so I found Stassi's plan to confront her in public was appropriate. I think Stassi deserved that vindication.

This had been such an intense rumor with other people accounting for hearing the same thing. I am very unclear about Jax's motives about coming clean, he definitely likes attention, but honestly that's really none of my concern. I really have a hard time believing Jax would weave a web of incriminating lies about himself for attention. He had nothing to gain from it.

I had no idea what to expect that night a Beso. I just wanted to be there to support Stassi. I was really hopeful that Kristen would crumble and apologize. I did not anticipate what came. I don't condone physical violence in any way. With that said, this was a deserved slap. Kristen's demeanor and attitude was appalling. The things she said to Stassi were filled with hatred. Oh yeah, she was still lying!

I make the decision of who I am friends with, I don't know how to be more clear about this. I had already made a decision that my friendship with Kristen was unhealthy, she had done and said things to me that just pushed me over the edge. Something else I need to make very clear, I'm a very loyal friend. I know it's hard to this group of people to understand loyalty. I had already made up my mind about Kristen, but you can be sure as s--- that if someone is going to betray my best friend that I will stand by her side and have her back.

I am actually glad that Lisa called Jax out on always getting away with bad behavior. She is 100 percent right. I feel like Jax always finds a way to criminalize someone else in a situation to make him appear less threatening.

I was waiting for Tom to snap. I wasn't sure if he was in shock or complete disbelief. His refusal to accept the truth was limitless. I was actually hoping Tom would show up to the beach so we could talk with him without Kristen and possibly mediate between him and Jax. Tom appeared to be relatively sprite in the wake of what all that was happening. It was very bizarre!

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