Katie Maloney

Katie dishes on telling Stassi about Jax's tryst with a ballerina and convincing Kristen to confront Ariana.

on Dec 9, 2013

I was digging the theme this year for the Gay Pride parade! I liked the angel and white virginal theme simply for the juxtaposition with us, fallen angels, as Stassi put it. The perfect amount of irony. I thought the wings were so cool. I felt like a Victoria's Secret angel sans the boobs and body. . .Nonetheless, it was awesome. It added the flare we needed to bring to the Pride Parade!

I felt like I had heard Scheana’s song more than I have heard ANY song in my life, so I wasn't exactly thrilled to hear it on loop. I was dreading it, in fact. Since I was on the back of the float and it was chaotic back there as well as on the streets along the route, I hardly heard or noticed it. Maybe I was just able to tune it out!

I was positive Stassi knew about Jax and the ballerina. I could've sworn I had talked with her briefly about it, or she had at least caught wind of it, since nothing is secret for very long at SUR. I was so casual about it because I knew, ultimately, Stassi couldn't care less. That doesn't keep her from giving Jax s--- about it though. The girl was 21 years old and also had a boyfriend. That just a recipe for disaster. I regret bringing it up in front of Jax because he couldn't resist going on and on about it, which was just gross and irritating for everyone!