Katie Maloney

Katie spills on her fight with Scheana and facing the person she becomes when she enters the "drunk zone."

on Dec 16, 2013

The thought of getting a bikini wax has always been borderline paralyzing to me. As much as I want the end result, the process has always frightened me. I have only heard how painful it is, and the thought of someone besides my gynecologist getting that up close and personal is entirely unorthodox to me.

But, since I had a vet and friend to come and support me I decided I was of ripe age to finally take the plunge. What I discovered was that all my fear and preconceived notions were true! It hurts like hell, it was uncomfortable having a stranger rip the hair from my lady bits. I wasn't made a believer of this whole thing. Yes, it felt nice afterwards, but I just can't see this ever becoming a regular thing for me.

OK, I will start by saying this, hindsight is always 20/20. However, I (soberly) stand behind my opinion that offering a lapdance to a male friend on his birthday is not the most classy gesture. How it came out that night was not of sound mind and void of eloquence. I don't know why I harped on the whole "practically engaged" argument because that isn't what it's about. Scheana did it and I couldn't understand why. It just seemed so inappropriate and unnecessary. We were all there for Peter and to celebrate him, tacking on a lapdance was just overboard. It's simply a case of Katie is drunk and not rationalizing the situation, so let's just leave it alone.

I really hate the whole "Katie says what she really thinks when she is drunk". . .No! Katie says whatever comes to her mind when she is drunk and if you upset her it's going to just be mean s---. It's a cheap defense mechanism. In the moment that is how I felt, but everyone needs to calm down and remember that you don't take the person who isn't of sound mind too seriously. I hardly made sense and my emotions were running high -- and my logic was running at an all time low. I felt like I was right, and I was defending that. I fully realize and recognize I was being an a--hole just to be an a--hole. It's not cool and I don't think it's okay, but it is what it is.