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Katie Regrets Going to "The Dark Side"

Katie spills on her fight with Scheana and facing the person she becomes when she enters the "drunk zone."

The thought of getting a bikini wax has always been borderline paralyzing to me. As much as I want the end result, the process has always frightened me. I have only heard how painful it is, and the thought of someone besides my gynecologist getting that up close and personal is entirely unorthodox to me.

But, since I had a vet and friend to come and support me I decided I was of ripe age to finally take the plunge. What I discovered was that all my fear and preconceived notions were true! It hurts like hell, it was uncomfortable having a stranger rip the hair from my lady bits. I wasn't made a believer of this whole thing. Yes, it felt nice afterwards, but I just can't see this ever becoming a regular thing for me.

OK, I will start by saying this, hindsight is always 20/20. However, I (soberly) stand behind my opinion that offering a lapdance to a male friend on his birthday is not the most classy gesture. How it came out that night was not of sound mind and void of eloquence. I don't know why I harped on the whole "practically engaged" argument because that isn't what it's about. Scheana did it and I couldn't understand why. It just seemed so inappropriate and unnecessary. We were all there for Peter and to celebrate him, tacking on a lapdance was just overboard. It's simply a case of Katie is drunk and not rationalizing the situation, so let's just leave it alone.

I really hate the whole "Katie says what she really thinks when she is drunk". . .No! Katie says whatever comes to her mind when she is drunk and if you upset her it's going to just be mean s---. It's a cheap defense mechanism. In the moment that is how I felt, but everyone needs to calm down and remember that you don't take the person who isn't of sound mind too seriously. I hardly made sense and my emotions were running high -- and my logic was running at an all time low. I felt like I was right, and I was defending that. I fully realize and recognize I was being an a--hole just to be an a--hole. It's not cool and I don't think it's okay, but it is what it is.

I wasn't mad that Stassi didn't jump in to defend me. Again, I wasn't entirely aware of what was happening around me. Stassi knows me and could recognize that I was just drunk and not making sense and that I was just arguing with Scheana because she was patronizing me. It was an argument not worth pursuing because it reached a point of ridiculousness that can't be defended. She tried diffusing it, but she was right -- getting involved would only have made it worse. But I was never mad and am still not mad today. I would have done the same thing if I were in her position.

Schwartz apologizing on my behalf was frustrating. I felt like he could have just said, "Look Scheana don't take it seriously, she is just drunk and having word vomit. She doesn't mean it." That would have been a correct response to what was happening. I tell him that he doesn't need to "agree" with my argument, but at least try and salvage me by not perpetuating it.

Truthfully, we all have that threshold that we pass and enter into "drunk zone" where we lash out and say hurtful things. It's not fair to make it seem like every time I have a drink this is the result.

The next day was AWFUL. I have never felt more hungover and sleep deprived. On top of that, I was very unaware of all the details of the night before. I was aware that things went very badly, but I couldn't understand how or why. Again, this was a very big lesson learned on my part about drinking responsibly and not going to "the dark side."

I felt extremely guilty of the things I said and did. I felt like I had woken up from a nightmare, but it was true. Realizing how much I hurt and affected my friends because I drank too much was a very hard pill to swallow. It was important to me to face the girls and hear the accounts of everything and apologizing. I just found myself in complete anguish because what I did and said was so out of line and uncharacteristic of me.

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Tom: What a Train Wreck

Tom thinks this was all typical Kristen behavior.

Let's keep it positive. Positive, OK? I just don't think I can do it after this episode. Before we dive in, let me just say I don't write this from atop a high horse. I know I have plenty of my own issues and shortcomings. Anyways, Kristen's attempt at being humorous while she's knee deep in crazy with that girl is painful to watch. She's like "We're gonna need a whole bottle," and says it as if she doesn't want to cope with the situation at hand that SHE set up. It's like a split personality syndrome.

I think Tom did the right thing in removing himself from the situation at SUR, his place of employment. You don't want to cause a scene in one of Lisa's restaurants. Take me, for example. It took so much courage for me to walk away in the middle of my bar shift at Pump and leave my comrades hanging (sarcasm--just in case it doesn't read). So this girl making these bs claims shows up out of the blue?I I would have run for the hills. You never know what people are capable of and honestly I wouldn't have waited around to see her intentions. After the failed confrontation, Scheana comes out and puts Kristen in her place. Kristen belligerently gets defensive and keeps saying, "Why are you making this my fault?" to Scheana. Ahhhhh! Maybe because you instigated this whole situation and facilitated that girl's confrontation.


Kristen went to great lengths to get in touch with this girl. She was so excited about the prospect of trying to make Tom look bad, she was practically frothing at the mouth. With her sidekick sitting nearbye. Who would want to be a part of that scenario? You guys get a glimpse of the type of crap I had to live with for three years: Kristin going off the rails and not giving a sh-- about anyone she is affecting around her. The fact that she's in a public place and there are guests around, but she still doesn't give a shite. This is my biggest beef with Kristen. When she has a problem, nothing else in the world matters, and she has ZERO consideration for those around her. You saw the way she made that scene in a public place, completely disrespecting Diana without any remorse. So dismissive of her manager while she smokes cigarettes and pounds wine. Her ability to disregard authority when she's upset is unreal. I mean what a train wreck. It's like a child who throws tantrums in a store when they don't get something they want. I have a complex with people who have meltdowns and lose consideration for those around them. By all means, have a meltdown or two, but be considerate of your neighbors. She will have hissy fits with reckless abandon, then instead of taking responsibility, she'll drop a cheesy quote like, "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." When I'm pissed at her sometimes she'll ask me, "What have I ever done to you?" Um, you kept me up all night, countless nights for years. I don't hold a grudge, of course, but when I see her behave this way, those feelings of resentment resurface quickly. It is true that I have a very short fuse with Kristen and maybe sometimes it's too harsh, but not in regards to this issue. She needs lessons in self awareness (I know, I know, I need lessons in not being a pussy). I had a goddamn flashback watching that episode.

When she has a problem, nothing else in the world matters, and she has ZERO consideration for those around her.

Tom Schwartz


Now this Miami girl seems strange, and I'm 90% sure she had a lobotomy at some point. Maybe she's a droid? Also, she has so much Botox, she can barely emote. I wouldn't talk shit about her personally, but she slandered my friend in the most trashy way. Trying to belittle my friend's Chipotle-sized penis. She's gotta be asking herself, what the hell was I thinking? You really have to wonder how someone can have such poor decision-making skills. What a waste of time and energy. All she did was succeed in making herself look like a stage four cling-on.

Even if these accusations were true, which they are NOT, I don't understand her motives. We all had a good time together in Miami--drinks and laughs--but it was always innocent good fun. Not sure why she would make up these false claims then fly to L.A. to "confront" him.  Some sort of ulterior motives at hand here. People's logic is "Well, she wouldn't fly all the way across the country if it wasn't true." What if it was true? Would that justify flying all try way across the country? What does she get out of it? What was her end goal or ideal outcome? Doesn't she have a job, hobbies, things that keep her busy? I think the girl wanted to be on TV. There were crucial details to this story that didn't make it into the episode, because they can only fit so much into each episode.  She may be a perfect candidate for a "Bye Felicia." I feel deeply for my good friend Sandoval. He was ambushed, and I think given the circumstances, he handled himself pretty damn well. Also, Ariana handled herself like a champ, too, and I was happy to see her put that girl in her place. She totally burned her, and that chick had no comeback. Nice comeback.

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