Katie Maloney

Katie calls Scheana petty for telling Lisa about the Shay-Schwartz fight and dishes on their strained friendship. 

on Nov 8, 2013

Working with Scheana after the drama at her birthday party was about as awkward as you could imagine. I didn't feel great about getting into a fight with her at her own birthday. I had reached my limit with her though. I felt like her attitude towards my friendships with Stassi and Kristen combined with the "tooth" thing had reached a boiling point.

My friendship with Scheana had been strained for a couple months. After Stassi and I had rekindled our friendship, Scheana had become sour and constantly felt left out, which was never truly the case. I had also had a similar, yet more traumatic, dental procedure done and was offering constant advice to her about what to expect. Having gone through the same thing, I understood that it’s not an invasive procedure and doesn't exactly warrant a phone call. I soon realized that it was taken very seriously by Scheana and getting a text/phone call post procedure would have made her feel better and for that I am sorry. Post birthday fiasco tension just continued to swell, and it was only added pressure that the boys (Shay and Schwartz) had fought, too.

I was so proud of Tom on his interview with Lisa. I mean, he was about as charming and charismatic as ever. I would have hired him on the spot. I find his crush on Lisa so adorable and I constantly like to tease him and Lisa about it. She did have a lot of valid points in the interview. I don't like to be compared to examples of people who date at SUR because Tom and I have our own code of ethics when it comes to work and Lisa is fully aware that I am not always one to bring my drama to work. I think Tom has a lot to bring to the table and Lisa wouldn't regret hiring him, if she ever chooses to do so down the line.