Katie Maloney

Katie is done giving relationship counsel to Kristen, and dishes on her sex life with Schwartz. . .or lack thereof.

on Nov 25, 2013

I was happy that Kristen and Tom had found some resolve and were both in higher spirits. However, I knew better than to think it was permanent. This is the pattern. They fight like hell for months, then make up and things are great for a couple weeks before it starts again. My concern still remained. Kristen doesn't realize that for weeks, all she did was cry and complain and it was really hard to see her that way. So much so, that I couldn't get it out of my head. Kristen was frustrated because Stassi and I were still concerned for her, but now that she and Tom were "good" she didn't want to hear it from us.

Lunch at Barbarella with Kristen, Stassi, and Kristina was SO frustrating. This is a case of "Kristen is now happy in her relationship so if everyone could forget the weeks of relentless crying and complaining that would be great." Unfortunately for Kristen, we don't subscribe to that mentality. Stassi was really only looking out for Kristen by talking to Scheana. Kristina and Kristen haven't ever been close, but even Kristina was well aware of Kristen’s unhappiness and was expressing her concern.

At this point I have talked my well dry; I have no advice or counsel left to offer, especially since it’s been falling on deaf ears. I have lost sleep and let it consume my days for too long. Kristen wasn't properly dealing with her situation, so since her and Tom were good, she needed to take out her existing frustration on someone.