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Kristen Should Have Kept Her Mouth Shut

Katie dishes on Kristen’s blow-up with Lisa and discusses Schwartz sticking up for her against Scheana’s man.

I understood Kristen’s frustrations at Kyle’s party. However, I do not condone her behavior. I think it’s perfectly normal that people have frustrations in the work place with coworkers as well as employers, but how you handle them is crucial. I thought Kristen used zero tact and it backfired hugely. I was hurt and offended that afterwards she was so combative towards me. I was concerned about her and her job, and she was putting me down.

I think she should have kept her mouth shut as the issue wasn't crucial. The way she spoke to Lisa was disrespectful and inappropriate. Not to mention it was at Kyle’s house. I think whenever an employee talks back to the employer in such a way it is grounds for punishment.

I am happy that Jax and Stassi are getting along and we can all hang out as a group of friends. It’s always difficult when people are at odds within our group. As for Tom and Kristen, I find myself walking a tight rope between being a supportive friend and having her best interest in mind, and not inserting myself into her relationship drama. I have seen Tom and Kristen go through crazy ups and downs, to the degree of not being healthy. I think whenever cheating and lying is introduced into a relationship, it’s very hard to bounce back. Some people can overcome and others need to be strong to walk away.

I wasn't completely shocked, but I did get frustrated by how quickly the conversation about Kristen escalated at Scheana and Pandora’s party. Kristen wasn't there to defend herself in front of 15 people all ragging on her. When I began to defend her, I started getting a lot of heat and everyone questioning my friendship with her. I found it so frustrating and rude what happened.

I was so confused by how the fight between Shay and Tom unfolded. Tom and Shay are both so calm, they are the last two guys I would ever imagine getting into a physical altercation. Everyone had been drinking that night and logic went out the window. They both were sticking up for us girls and got too defensive too quickly.

About my hair, I have no idea why anyone has a strong reaction or opinion towards what I do with it. I think change is healthy and love reinventing my look. Maybe this isn't my best color, but it’s fun trying out something new. I don't really care if someone likes it or not. I like it and that is all that matters!

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