Kristen Doute

Kristen shares what she wanted from Tom -- and how that compares to Jax's attempts to win Stassi back.

on Nov 13, 2013

When it comes to Scheana telling Lisa about Clearly, Schwartz did not start the fight with Shay nor did he call Shay a b----. Lisa was taking Scheana's word as gold therefore the truth was never going to matter. Scheana was willing to step and spit on anyone to get her way -- whether it be throwing me under the bus, cheating Schwartz out of a job or weaseling her way in to the Divine Addiction.

That damn coffee table. We were so stoked when it came because we were in the midst of making our house a home. Tom wanted to put his man-pants on and assemble the table by himself. It was a sweet gesture that turned in to an all day event. We literally cried we were laughing so hard. I give him major props for trying to do it for me but sometimes if you want things done the right way, you have to do them yourself.