Kristen Doute

Katie discusses her Korean BBQ adventure with Tom and Katie's trip to the "dark side."

on Dec 16, 2013

Oh, that damn Korean BBQ! Tom and I thought we would try something new, something different. It might appear as if I was being dramatic, but seriously, the smell of burnt animal flesh makes me ill. I could hear Hitchcock's Psycho soundtrack playing as they slapped the meat on the grill. But, let me be crystal clear that it wasn't Tom's fault! We actually laughed about it, pounded our beers and went out for sushi. (Yes, I eat vegetarian sushi).

When it comes to our relationship, Tom and I handle certain things completely differently. I have my heart permanently tattooed in 3D on my sleeve. I like to talk about things, communicate, problem solve. Tom doesn't sweat the small stuff. It's a great balance, but it also makes us butt heads. When he wants to run away from a problem, I chase harder -- but you can't chase something that doesn't want to be caught. As badly as I wanted to get to the bottom of the rumors, the harder I pushed the further he ran.

When Katie drinks too much, there is a very fine line. . .if that line is crossed she heads to the "dark side." She turns into her own worst enemy. I've experienced this with her in the past, but never to the degree as the night of Peter's birthday. She gets very aggressive and very angry. . .almost hateful. Sometimes she means what she says because there are bottled up feelings -- and sometimes she just says mean or wasted gibberish. Nine times out of ten, she will call the next morning and apologize for being drunk.