Kristen Doute

Kristen discusses confronting Dani at the SURlesque bash, the Tom and Ariana rumors, and her glam mug shot.  

on Dec 9, 2013

Stassi did not come over to "style" me. She came over so that we could get ready together for our passport photos. She gave herself a little too much credit. I was pretty stoked to finally get my passport. I felt so sheltered! I have been to Canada a million times, but only the birth certificate was required way back when. I knew that as soon as I got it, I would start traveling and Cabo would be the perfect destination to receive my first stamp.

Insert foot in mouth. . .I was not bragging about my mugshot, but I had to make light of the situation. I got a DUI years ago, but was not "booked." I had to go back months later to get fingerprinted and have my photo taken, so damn right I was going to walk in done up. Why not?

I was definitely upset with Stassi for attacking my relationship with Tom at lunch that day, but it wasn't an end all argument. I appreciate that she was just trying to look out for me, but I was really trying to live in the present moment with where Tom and I currently were. It was like finally he and I were back on track and happy -- I didn't want to let the rumor mill at SUR ruin that. I felt that if I wasn't concerned, my friends should just be happy for me.