Kristen Doute

Hear Kristen's side of her showdown with Lisa and her thoughts on why she called out birthday girl Scheana. 

on Nov 4, 2013

It's no secret that Lisa and I can butt heads. I had reservations about working Kyle's party to begin with and was scheduled at SUR, so I didn't really go in to that night with the best head on my shoulders.

Let me be clear about something. I didn't want to go to Scheana and Pandora's birthday brunch, and I don't feel it was anyone's business but my own as to what my reasons were. It was a respect thing -- I didn't feel comfortable indulging in Lisa's generosity knowing the way she felt about me. I really felt she was just trying to ruffle my feathers, and she's damn good at it! Her decision to not let Tom and I bartend together was just to get under my skin. And. . .it worked.

Scheana got in Stassi's face about the "Tooth Text" in the middle of Kyle's kitchen, and that's appropriate? Lisa definitely doesn't play favorites, and I definitely don't get pigeonholed. Up until that point, I had been giving Lisa respect and wasn't getting it in return. I couldn't have gotten out of that party faster, back to SUR to make money doing what I'm good at.

I'm over the "Jax and Stassi soap opera." I spent a year of my life living theirs and now I'm selfishly living mine. #Sorrynotsorry. At this point, they are a broken record of bad music that no one even wanted to listen to the second time around.