Kristen Doute

Kristen explains how she reacted to the Ariana news and about Stassi's behavior in the wake of the cheating scandal.

on Jan 17

Watching the episode back, what really blew my mind about Stassi was how she constantly expects everyone of her friends to drop the world for her, but is so quick to throw her friends under the bus. So much shade was thrown my way for talking to Lisa about Ariana working at SUR, but it's acceptable for Stassi to tell Lisa to fire me? My entire summer last year was spent dealing with the Stassi/Jax saga, but when I go through it with Tom -- I'm the a--hole. I couldn't begin to imagine befriending a girl that Jax cheated on her with. A lot of the pot calling the kettle black and Stassi was living in Stassi's world.