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Lisa reflects on the premiere drama, Jax's therapy, and the drama at Scheana and Pandora's birthday party.

Read Lisa's expanded blog after the jump.

Hello and welcome back to Vanderpump Rules, here we go. . .round two! This season is jam packed with their shenanigans so don't tell me I didn't warn you! Kyle's party is something we are not in the habit of doing as it is difficult to take that many staff out of the restaurant. We didn't start in a very good place with regard to Kristen. I asked her to leave before the guests arrived, as I have witnessed her tantrums on other occasions and was reluctant to watch it play out there. Kristen has had a history of being problematic and I won't tolerate it. However when someone has worked for you for seven years there has to be some sort of leeway, so I sent her home and would deal with her later.

I had decided to meet Pandy as she wanted to buy a dress for her birthday. Scheana came along too. They were sharing their birthday as it falls on the same day and I said they could organize a lunch at the house. There was an unresolved issue amongst the group of girls and I understood that Scheana was hurt. To minimize what had happened when she fell and smashed her teeth was unfair of Stassi. The poor girl has had to endure bone grafting and many painful operations. Scheana had been incredibly supportive of Stassi previously and didn't particularly need her but would've welcomed the support at such a vulnerable time.

Stassi was once again cozy with her group of friends and had no need for Scheana. Stassi should take heed and remind herself as we venture forward who has been loyal to her in the past.

I commend Jason and Pandy for leaving the party at the right time, always better to leave too early than too late. I was surprised and disappointed to see Shay and Tom Schwartz get physical. I could never anticipate that but judging by Shay's tears afterwards I assume the alcohol was the driving force.

So the story unfolds, sometimes a little faster than I am prepared for and often there are times when I have little understanding of their actions. But I love this crazy bunch of kids. Their antics amuse and disappoint me, and I often try to reign them in, to chastise and support seems to be my role as I endeavor to create a harmonious atmosphere in that Sexy Unique Restaurant known as SUR!

Till next week. . .xx

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