Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa vlogs about Stassi's double standards, the cheating rumors, and Kristen sweeping trouble under the rug.

on Nov 25, 2013

We had finished the bar in the garden. . .Finally and I was eager to put somebody in there that I could trust, somebody that I had a track record with, somebody who was pretty exemplary. . . Welcome Ariana. She has always been excellent, and I knew she was eager to pick up extra shifts. I categorically asked Kristen if she had a problem with her. She told me absolutely not -- so I was surprised to see Kristen's immediate disdain for her. She knows Tom and her are friendly, as they worked together pretty much three days a week for the past three years. You will see how this dynamic becomes slightly more complicated.

Stassi as usual goes into overdrive, confronting every situation that often has nothing to do with her. She is critical, but protective, and always loves to vocalise her opinion. I have to say I am constantly astounded at how uninhibited they are -- conversations about their sex lives, things I would think twice about sharing with my closest friends, let alone the world!

The relationship is so dysfunctional between Kristen and Tom. It is hard to understand what keeps them together. You will see the journey they take, which I have to say is a bumpy one. Anyway this season is fast and furious that's for sure. . .until next week.

Love Lisa.