Scheana Didn't Need Stassi's Writing Tips

Scheana talks about her sitdown with Stassi and her lap dance showdown with Katie.

Here's the thing. I really did not want to sit down with Stassi. I've been a writer my whole life. I don't need tips from Stassi on how to write my column. I simply decided to be the bigger person and make an effort so our work environment -- both at SUR and The Divine Addiction would be less hostile. Pandora had the idea for me to ask Stassi for help so I decided to take her advice because I really respect Pandora's opinion and I want to do my best working for her. I really wasn't surprised Stassi liked my article -- I was surprised she actually admitted it!

As the night went on it seemed as if Stassi and I could get to a good place again. I had made the decision prior to our dinner to sit down with Lisa and have a talk with her about my relationship with Stassi and her paranoia that I was against her. I thought if I made the effort to talk to Lisa, Stassi would see that she was being crazy by thinking I had this devious plan of sabotage. As if Lisa would listen to me if I told her to like Stassi or not anyway, but I made the effort regardless. At the time of the dinner I truly thought Stassi was being sincere saying she wanted us to be friends again. However, seeing her so quiet at Peter's birthday made me rethink our little chat.

The "lapdance," if you can even call it that, was completely platonic and all in good fun. Shay knew ahead of time that Lisa asked me to get the party started, and he and Schwartz planned on tag teaming Peter with a dance when I was done. I never danced "ON" him, even when his shirt was off. I did not grind on his penis or any part of his body. I simply danced in front of him just to have a little fun because the rest of the girls were boring. It was not inappropriate and really, at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters to me is Shay's -- and he thought it was funny.

The fight outside with Katie was quite comical to me. I was not drunk and I was in complete control of my words and actions. Katie on the other hand thought she was "practically engaged" when Schwartz had no idea of this. Katie doesn't get to see herself when she's drunk. She doesn't realize how mean and hurtful she can be. I've honestly always liked Katie. I think she is a sweetheart and a good person. We made up after my birthday debauchery and then this? Really!?!

I definitely think Stassi should have stood up for me, but then again, that would be giving her too much credit of being a standup, good person. Stassi used me when she had no one else and threw me out when her best friends came back. I honestly can't say I expected much out of her that night, although speaking up for me when she knew I was right would've been the right thing to do.

I loved that Shay had my back. He really is the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for in so many ways. I wake up some days and just think "How did I deserve this?" He's such an amazing guy and he always has my back. Yes, at my birthday party he was a little too drunk, but hey, at least he stands up for what's right and is always by my side. I mean, even Schwartz had my back that night. That's gotta say something!

Schwartz is a good friend of ours and he's an amazing boyfriend to Katie, but I really did appreciate him standing up for me and calling Katie out. I don't even think Katie was mad at me -- I think she just drank way too much and went to the dark side. She started with me and ended with throwing water in her two best friends' faces. Ouch!

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