Scheana Marie

With her BFF Ariana coming to SUR, Scheana discusses having an ally and the drama that comes with her.

on Nov 25, 2013

I was so excited to have Ariana come to SUR. Not only is she my best friend, but we also have so much fun working together at Villa Blanca. I felt having a good friend of mine come to SUR would help with my issues with all of the other girls there because, for once, I finally had someone on my side.
I didn't know what Stassi was thinking asking me about Ariana. Anytime I've had a conversation with Stassi recently it's extremely awkward, so having Kristen walk in on that didn't help the flow of conversation. First of all, I had asked Ariana several times if anything happened between her and Tom and the answer was always the same. No!

And I'm sorry, even if I did know anything, Stassi is the last person I would tell in confidence. I don't trust her. Stassi and I went from being amazing friends last year to semi-acquaintances, again, and merely coworkers.