Scheana Marie

Scheana explains that she's not out to get Stassi and she's not manipulating Lisa.

on Nov 7, 2013

Working with Katie after my party was fine. I just ignored her and did my job. Lisa had already heard from other co-workers that there was a fight at our party. She asked me what happened and I explained what I saw. I had NO idea Schwartz was even trying to get a job at SUR. I don't really talk to the girls so how would I know that?

Everyone is so paranoid and thinks I'm sucking up to Lisa and telling her lies about them. Lisa is a grown woman who forms her own opinions. She isn't influenced by me. I am a responsible person at work who she trusts so I told her what I saw happen that night when she asked.

My foot was not a big deal. I rolled my ankle and it snapped. A huge hematoma lump came up immediately.  It went down a couple days later and turned into a bruise. I needed to keep it elevated while sitting and was only on crutches for a week. I answered phones mostly during the day, when there weren't any customers in the restaurant. I would never just prop my foot up in the middle of the dinner rush. It was during the day. Obviously, feeling accident prone, but whatever. It wasn't that bad and I'm not trying to play the victim. I needed to work and couldn't walk for a week. That's all.