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Scheana explains why she told Tom about what Jax said at the pool and why she won’t ever be BFFs with Stassi again.

Looking back on the dinner in Cabo, I don't think Stassi was being unreasonable. It was her birthday and Katie should have held it together -- at least through dinner.

Even if it seemed like I was the one who stirred the pot at dinner, I was just honestly curious about what had happened because there was so much tension at the table and I heard whispers that something had gone up Katie's nose. I wasn't surprised that something like this happened after what went down at mine and Peter's birthdays considering we are in Mexico and there is unlimited tequila.

It was nice to see Stassi say she was glad I came, but I just don't think she and I will ever get back to the place we were at last year.

Hearing Stassi talking about the Ariana situation was annoying. They're always telling me to stay out of their business, yet they like to put themselves in the middle of something that isn't theirs -- involving MY best friend. However, I am neither shocked by this, nor was I shocked to hear what Jax had to say.

The next morning I wanted to let Tom know what his "best friend" said about him because that is totally against bro code and Tom is a very close friend of mine. Yes, a part of it may have been in revenge to the "gang bang" comment  -- but hey, payback is a bitch! I wasn't expecting anything specifically to happen other than I just wanted to let Tom know he can't trust Jax.

Walking in on the fight at breakfast the next day was kind of funny. Right when I saw and heard the fighting I started walking backwards just trying to stay out of it. It's not my business, I'm not trying to be a part of it. Whether it was Jax or Tom lying, I don't know. But if you look at their track record, I would trust Tom.

For Kristen to give Lisa an ultimatum was ridiculous! She's lucky Lisa didn't just say Ariana for the mere fact that Kristen proposed such a thing. It's so funny because Ariana is so not about the drama -- one of many reasons she is my BFF!

Going on the pirate ship was so much fun! Even though we didn't get to take the ship out we still had a blast. Jax bringing the girls on the boat didn't surprise me. I was surprised that this was like a private party. I thought we were going on a big ship with hundreds of people. Jax probably thought the same, so I do understand why he brought the girls on the boat and I think he felt stupid when he got there realizing it was a private party.

Spin the bottle on the other hand. . .That was interesting to say the least. But, oh, so entertaining seeing Schwartz and Tom both land on each other and kiss twice! 

The talk with Stassi at the club was nice, and I did that just because it was her birthday and I wanted to end the trip on a good note. I really don't think Stassi and I will ever be close again -- and I'm completely fine with that. I just always take the high road and like to be the bigger person. However, I really don't see us being good friends again, ever. We are cordial and can get along but I don't care to have someone in my life anymore who treats me the way she does and says the things she says about me behind my back. 

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