Scheana: I Know My Voice Needs Auto-Tune

Scheana discusses being unable to work the party because of her past with Brandi Glanville and recording her new single.

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I was sooooo glad that Lisa didn't have me work her dinner party. She also didn't have her whole "A Team" working so to speak. She simply had everyone work it other than Kristen and I. Kristen had a freak out at the last Housewives dinner, and I don't want to be around Brandi anymore than Lisa wants me around her. Working those parties can be annoying -- making sure everything is perfect -- so I was happy to have the night off from that. There were way too many people working that party anyways.

Jax likes to be involved in the drama and rumors at SUR, whether he admits it or not, so I wasn't surprised to see his double-dealing in the Tom and Ariana situation. Sometimes Jax says something he doesn't mean to be funny or just to stir the pot, and then regrets it and tries to convince you he didn't say that to begin with. It's something we are all used to at SUR and can't be taken too seriously. I did not believe for a second that anything happened between Tom and Ariana at Coachella. Like I said, Vegas a couple years ago -- I don't know. There were rumors going around back in the day about them that seemed irrelevant, and I never addressed it until recently.

Watching Katie, Tom, and Jax fight about the rumor was comical to me. It was a bunch of "Jax said," "Jax didn't say" B.S., and I found it funny. But sometimes at SUR, you don't quite know what to believe.

Recording my new song was so much more fun than my first! This time I felt more comfortable and more prepared, having done this once before. However, it is always a little intimidating working with new producers because they don't know my raw voice -- which yes requires some autotuning to give it the sound I like!

I'm not Mariah Carey and I'm not trying to be. I'm trying to have fun while making fun music. That's all. I definitely want to do a music video for this song -- but I want to wait until my teeth are perfect and I can afford it. Maybe a Kickstarter to help? We'll see.

This song is super upbeat, fun, catchy, and is great for a girls' night out! That's always my goal: to make a song that gets stuck in your head and makes you feel happy! I'm hoping this song can take off and get radio play, but it is a very competitive market. I'm not Britney Spears, and I don't claim to be. Would I like to have her career? Of course! But I just don't think that is a realistic goal for me. If it works out, great. But if not, I am happy doing many other things with my life. Performing is fun right now and something I truly enjoy doing -- but when it's time to get married and have kids I may put the singing on hold.

Seeing Lisa's friends fight so much at the dinner table was insane. Let me rephrase that: Brandi is insane. The things that come out of her mouth are beyond uncalled for. She's a mother. She should be setting a good example for her kids rather than being racist and a bully. Joyce never did anything to Brandi to be treated that way. I guess that's just how Brandi reacts when she feels threatened by a younger prettier Latina woman. If I was Lisa I too would be embarrassed by Brandi's behavior.

Whenever you are waiting on a table of people fighting: stay away! Send a busser over to refill their waters and let them hash it out. You'd be surprised how many people try and bring you into their private dilemma as their server. If it's a couple fighting the woman is like, "You're a woman, you understand where I'm coming from right?" And sometimes I want to say, "Bitch calm down, you're crazy and overreacting," but I can't because they are tipping me and technically paying my rent! Haha.

When Tom pulled me outside and into the Kristen drama I was wishing I had a cocktail. I think he wanted me to explain that I didn't say what Kristen was saying I said -- which I didn't. Kristen took my words and tried to twist them to trap Tom. I only brought up Vegas while talking to Stassi because it had been an issue for years prior.

I thought it would be best for Ariana and I to go out and confront the girls head on to get these rumors out of the way. These girls don't understand what it's like to be a "guy's girl" and have guy friends. The best way to deal with rumors is to address them and move on. I guess I can't be surprised by the way Kristen and Katie reacted but I'm sorry if you're going to yell at my best friend then I'm going to tell you to "shut the f--- up!"

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