Scheana: I'm Happy Stassi's Gone

I definitely think the vibe at SUR is better now. Honestly it is nice having Stassi gone. She was a fake friend to me, and, as much as I will always care about her well being and I want her to be happy, I feel happier she isn't a big part of my life anymore.

When you're friends with Stassi she tries to make it all about her all the time, and I'm sorry but I'm a leader not a follower. I've heard a lot of things she's said about me through the course of the show, on and off camera, and she's not someone I care to have in my life anymore. I was an amazing friend to Stassi when she didn't have anyone -- and she never fully was the same to me. She used me for what she needed at the time and when she was done, she was done. Simple as that. I don't want someone who is a fake friend a part of my wedding or my life.

We haven't really spoken since August and that was on her not me. I tried to hang with her and she couldn't even return a text message, so I am done. I've always responded to her and been there for her at the drop of a hat and she couldn't do the same for me. When her car was impounded in Newport and she couldn't tell Kristen or Katie because she was hanging out with Frank, I drove to pick her up and help her --more than once. I was always there for her and went out of my way for her on several occasions. That's what friends do. They help each other. Friendships should never be one-sided.

I made the joke with Andy when I was in NYC that I wanted to take his job. My ultimate career goal long term is to be an entertainment host of some sort -- live tv, etc. Music is fun and I love doing it, I just personally don't see a long term moneymaking career out of it right now. I got my degree technically in communication studies with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. I've been a writer my whole life. I worked for the school newspaper and news station all through college and had a blast doing it. However, after working in several parts of the industry (acting, hosting, singing) my passion as a career stays in hosting. When I first graduated college I got a job with Young Hollywood as a correspondent host and loved doing it, but then wanted to expand into acting and other fields in the entertainment industry.

Moving along, being stuck in between Kristen and Ariana has been extremely hard. I see both sides. I get both points. I can't pick sides, but sometimes I have to even if I don't want to. It's frustrating as hell. Especially on a Monday night when Kristen wants to come over and watch the show but Ariana is already here. I can't hang with both of them together ever and it sucks because I really do love and value both of their friendships.

Kristen was an amazing friend to me for almost four years (even before I was friends with Ariana), and that all changed this past year when we had a falling out. First season, Kristen had my back with Stassi and told her how I was so much more than a supposed "homewrecker." We've made up since our falling out this past year, and that puts me in a terrible position because Ariana has absolutely never ever done a single thing wrong to me. She's been such a loyal and amazing friend and I would be lost without her. She doesn't make me choose sides, she understands that I am friends with both of them and that means the world to me. I really couldn't ask for a better friend.

Tom and Ariana together -- it's like night and day from his relationship with Kristen. As long as I've known Tom and Kristen I've never seen him as happy as he is with Ariana. I know it was just a kiss that happened in Vegas but obviously their friendship grew stronger and led to this amazing relationship they now have. Kristen wasn't wrong in her suspicions that something happened because something did! And eventually that led to more, but also Kristen was in the wrong too, not just Tom. They cheated on each other. They weren't happy. That relationship was doomed from the start to be honest.

Watching the reunion I was so happy to see Lisa and Andy call Stassi out on several occasions. My tooth was a big deal and Stassi to this day downplays it. If it happened to her, time would have stopped until she was perfect again. Also, clearly the "gang bang" comment was a joke, and I'm glad she finally admitted it.

I was beyond annoyed when Kristen kept saying Ariana is only on the show because she is banging Tom. That's not even close to true. Yes, now they are dating, but originally Ariana came to work a SUR because she's my best friend and I needed some back up over there with these girls treating me like crap. She came to SUR as my friend and was on the show because she's my friend not because of Tom anything.

I also don't think Kristen completely was trying to get the attention off of her and Jax by focusing on Tom and Ariana, it was just timing. Good or bad timing I'm not sure, but everything happened at the same time. I get why Kristen stormed out but she also has to suck it up and take it. As much as it doesn't need to be rubbed in her face, Tom and Ariana are dating now and I don't see that changing anytime in the near future. They are respectful when she's around and have never been "all over each other."

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