Scheana Marie
on Feb 10

I definitely think the vibe at SUR is better now. Honestly it is nice having Stassi gone. She was a fake friend to me, and, as much as I will always care about her well being and I want her to be happy, I feel happier she isn't a big part of my life anymore.

When you're friends with Stassi she tries to make it all about her all the time, and I'm sorry but I'm a leader not a follower. I've heard a lot of things she's said about me through the course of the show, on and off camera, and she's not someone I care to have in my life anymore. I was an amazing friend to Stassi when she didn't have anyone -- and she never fully was the same to me. She used me for what she needed at the time and when she was done, she was done. Simple as that. I don't want someone who is a fake friend a part of my wedding or my life.

We haven't really spoken since August and that was on her not me. I tried to hang with her and she couldn't even return a text message, so I am done. I've always responded to her and been there for her at the drop of a hat and she couldn't do the same for me. When her car was impounded in Newport and she couldn't tell Kristen or Katie because she was hanging out with Frank, I drove to pick her up and help her --more than once. I was always there for her and went out of my way for her on several occasions. That's what friends do. They help each other. Friendships should never be one-sided.