Scheana Marie

Scheana explains her eye issues and tells the other SUR staffers to suck it up, because she’s here to stay!

on Nov 14, 2013

I'm actually glad that Peter said something to Lisa about the other girls having issues with me. The girls like to take one thing and make it a huge deal. My tooth infection was a huge deal. People die from those and I don't like that it was downplayed by them. People also sprain their foot all the time. It was not a big deal, nor did I make it one. Like I said, I was there answering phones during the day with very few people coming into the restaurant. I left shortly after the dinner shift started, as it is unprofessional to have my foot elevated at the hostess stand.

Kristina is a liar. She wasn't "covering" my shift and I've never called off. I simply needed to switch times with her so I could make it back from the eye doctor in time. Since my tooth infection, I have been more paranoid.  When I woke up that day my eye was bright red, probably because I fell asleep with my contacts in. I just went to get it checked. No big deal.

I wear my glasses every single day at home. Why would I be "playing the victim?" That's pathetic. I love wearing my glasses, and I would never call off work for something so minimal. Kristina can suck it. Have your own opinion and don't be a follower like Kristen and Katie. It's pathetic.