Scheana Marie

Scheana is shocked Stassi slapped Kristen when her words are so hurtful, and thinks back to when she and Kristen were friends.

on Jan 27

Being at SUR the night Jax admitted he slept with Kristen was beyond awkward and confusing. Jax has been known to be King of the Liars so I wasn't too sure he was telling the truth initially -- even though he is sooooo convincing. At first I was like "no way" and then I was like "I think it's true," And THEN we saw the texts and knew it was the truth.

It's super messed up on both ends. Words can't even describe. As much as I haven't been a fan of Kristen this past year, we actually used to be good friends -- prior to me working at SUR. Tom, Kristen, Shay and I had known each other for years just from Tom and I working at Villa Blanca together. However seeing how close her and Stassi were when I started at SUR caused a rift in between us. Kristen used to stick up to Stassi for me all the time and explain to her I was more than just a "homewrecker," which I really appreciated, but the day I started at SUR it began to change. Kristen and I grew apart and I didn't feel like I knew her anymore. At this point I had heard so many stories about Kristen, it didn't shock me that this could be true.

I must say Stassi's plan to confront Kristen was genius and I would've done the same thing. The only thing was, I felt absolutely terrible for blindsiding Tom with this. Schwartz, Shay, and I wanted to tell Tom soooooooo bad what was going to happen that night but we were afraid he might give Kristen a heads' up and she wouldn't show. We didn't want to take that risk so we kept quiet. To this day I still apologize to Tom for being a part of that confrontation. It wasn't fair to him and I will always be sorry for that!