Scheana Marie

Scheana is sorry she's not sorry for her gangbang comment and she can afford to pay for her own drinks, thanks Kristen.

on Jan 6

Cabo is something we had all been talking about for months! Not only was it Stassi's birthday that weekend, but it was also Shay's. Months ago, we thought a trip would be fun for all of us -- but then things started to change. With what happened at not only my birthday but also Peter's, I wasn't so sure I was looking forward to this trip anymore. However, flights and rooms were booked already and I did think Peter was right. Maybe a trip would help alleviate all of the tension at work.

Anyway, I wasn't about to let Kristen or Katie take this trip from me. I thought if I could avoid them at some cost, I could still enjoy this trip with Shay, the guys, and Stassi. After the other night at SUR I wanted nothing to do with Kristen or Katie -- so I made the decision if they were going to do the "girls" on one side and the "guys" on the other I was with the guys. No drama there -- unless Jax is present.

As soon as we got there I could tell this was going to be a "girls on one side" kind of trip, and I'm sorry but they are not a NORMAL group of women. I have several girlfriends I get along with just fine. These girls drink too much, are slightly crazy, and unstable at times. Why would anyone want to spend a vacation with them? I went for Stassi, and for Shay and I to have some alone time. Anything else that involved the others, count me out.