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Scheana calls the secret dinner trick "bulls---", talks ring shopping, and completely belives the Jax/Kristen rumor.

Let me just start by saying I had a blast at Peter's birthday before the debauchery. Katie was wasted and when she gets to that point there's no reasoning with her. Working with her after the party was the same as it's been on and off for the last two years. It wasn't a big deal, just annoying. She never works in the lounge with me and of course right after the club that night, she's in the lounge with me.

I loved that Schwartz had my back I'm regards to the "lapdance" -- if you can even call it that. That just goes to show he's a reasonable person with common sense. Katie completely overreacted and was beyond mean to me for no reason.

I really appreciated Katie's apology. I was happy that she was able to own up to her actions and know that she was at fault. I'm a very forgiving person. Sometimes it bites me in the ass but honestly, life is too short to have hatred and anger in your heart. So I accepted her apology and moved on.Stassi on the other hand, I felt, owed me an apology also. We just went out and got past our issues (or so I thought) and she can't even have my back? I don't understand why. Because Katie is her "best" friend and I'm just a friend? Even if Ariana, my BEST friend, was in the wrong I would call her out. After my birthday "fake" apology from Stassi I didn't take this one too seriously -- but sometimes it's easier to just get along. Shay and I already planned on spending his birthday in Cabo with the group so it's easier to just get along and know that I probably won't be friends with all of these people in five years anyways.

I brought up the Jax and Kristen rumor because I wanted more details! This is the juiciest piece of gossip to EVER hit SUR. At the time, yeah, I did think Kristen and Jax were capable of such a thing. It really didn't surprise me if it happened, it surprised me that it came out!

The whole thing with the secret diner was a bulls--- set up. I am an amazing server. Come into SUR and you will see. The table sat wasn't in my section. They ordered the most odd appetizer on our menu -- which I have now tried. I always make jokes at my tables and have fun. They clearly weren't having it. Whatever. I rang in their damn appetizer the second I got their order. It's not MY fault the kitchen sent their order to a different table and it took forever. Katie didn't come to the rescue. I went back to the kitchen several times to check on them and there was a mix up. I am perfectly capable of taking a two-top table in the bar when it's slow while talking to Tom. It was really annoying to see those girls try and say the service was bad and act like I wasn't paying attention to them. Whatever. Come to SUR and you'll see how good I am.

Engagement ring shopping was so fun! We went to a jewelry store back home that a good family friend owns. I knew exactly what I wanted before we got there, I just needed to make sure Shay saw for himself what I wanted. I mean come on, I'm going to be wearing this for the rest of my life so I gotta make sure it's on point! I knew Shay was the one when I lost interest in everyone else. It was like nothing else mattered and I fell so deeply in love. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lines together!

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