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Katie on the Dark Side

Tom wonders why Katie got involved in his relationship and explains why he's fighthing for his future with Kristen.

I was really stoked to play Lake Arrowhead and especially to open up for Martha Davis. My band, Pierce the Arrow, started with the singer Brayden as an acoustic act. After having just left my previous band InVictory, I joined up with Brayden with the intention of taking some of his songs along with our own and creating a much bigger sound.  We quickly went from us to a full five person group.

In the short time we have been a band we have played most of the Sunset Strip and a few small festivals, most of the time opening up with other up-and-coming acts. The reason opening up for Martha Davis and the Motels was so important and big for us is because it opens the doors to open up for her in future shows, as well as getting exposing us to a broader audience.

I can tell you that creating a band and trying to get it to the next level takes a colossal amount of work and time. Five members means five schedules, five sets of equipment, five pinions, and also five liabilities. There is so much prep and moving parts that go into a live band performance that if one of my 10 pedals fail or a single power cord is forgotten it can stop a performance in its tracks. We don't have roadies or techs, so everything is on us, and mainly on Brayden and I.

The amount of time and energy that goes into these big performances and a band puts so much stress on relationships. Kristen sometimes refers to my band as "my other girlfriend," and in someways maybe I agree with her. I will say that it is such an unbelievable high when all your hard work pays off -- because you rocked the house, everything came together, and your audience is going crazy and giving you so much love! I would say for me it's more of an addiction. . .Haha!

It seems a little hypocritical for Jax to tell me to break up with Kristen when he just got his ex-girl's name tattooed on his arm and is getting shot down (even more so than me). I was fighting for a relationship that I was STILL IN. Not like Jax, who was stuck in the past and groveling for scraps like a pathetic dog from someone who doesn't give a s---.

Also, deep down, I know Jax well enough to know that part of his motivation for getting Stassi back was just wanting something he can't have. Versus my situation, where I just wanted for Kristen and I to find our happiness again in our relationship and find the love that deep down was still very much there.

I felt it was pretty typical for Katie to put her sassy two cents in. I often refer to her as "the relationship police," and when she's drunk it can be an overall nightmare (like all the mean things she said to Scheana at her birthday party). "Katie going to the dark side" is what most of us call it when she crosses that threshold when drinking. I can promise you that if the positions were reversed, she would have no qualms with busting in my room to not talk but actually yell at Schwartz.

I went into the room because I wanted to TALK to MY girlfriend, not get yelled at by Katie or to have to justify anything to Katie. I should've known that if I got into any argument with her she would say the most hurtful thing she could to me. It's pretty typical when she's at that point. I should've just known not to walk in the lion's den. I probably should have just gone to bed and not went to confront Kristen about rejecting my kiss goodnight, but I was so hurt and stressed and had pretty much had my fill of Katie telling Kristen to break up with me. I didn't know how I would actually be able to sleep in that state of mind, and right then I couldn't afford to be stressing out about my relationship. What a nightmare. . .

The last thing I ever wanted to do at lunch was break down in front of everyone. One of my biggest shows yet is just hours away and the blows finally got to me. What actually disturbs me the most about what happened at lunch was the way Stassi found humor in watching me lose all my pride and crumble. For someone who threw constant public temper tantrums and cried all the time during her and Jax's relationship to act that way was truly appalling. . .Did you trade your conscience for a handbag or something? And sorry to say, but nobody at the table agreed with you except maybe Katie -- but that doesn't count because sometimes I think Katie will agree with anything you think or say.

It had been months of being told to go f--- another girl in Vegas with loads of passive-aggressive remarks and flat-out aggressive remarks made to me by Kristen (with Katie and Stassi always ready to chime in). It was always one embarrassing social bashing after another. My pride finally gave way. I stopped being embarrassed and just felt horribly sad. And the reason was because I knew that deep deep down, underneath all the anger and animosity was a Kristen who was still very very much in love with me. I knew it as sure as I know the earth is round and THAT is exactly why I never gave up! It's not because we had been together so long! And if it took me breaking down and hitting emotional bottom for Kristen to finally start to connect with me, then fine! So be it! They say moments of your life flash before your eyes just before you die. Well, later that night watching Martha perform "Only the Lonely" with Kristen and I holding each other, in each other's arms, back in love again. . .well it's safe to say THAT moment will definitely be one of those moments that flash.

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Katie: This Is Just Plain Creepy

Katie thinks Tom Sandoval was put in a no-win situation.

Wow! I mean just WOW! I was biting my nails, laughing, and cringing through this episode.
Let me start by saying that following my conversation with Stassi, I had very mixed emotions. I felt very confident in my decisions and felt that I wasn't in the wrong and had to firmly stand my ground. I couldn't let Stassi make me feel guilty about something that I felt so strongly about. This was my life, and I was making necessary changes and choices to regain happiness. I was heartbroken over how our conversation went and the results. I didn't want our friendship to be over. How could she just throw it away? Schwartz was right in his blog when he said Stassi dehumanized me. She abandoned everything she knew about me and our friendship and was purely looking at me as a "link." That hurt. I don't throw friendships away, so I was going to leave the door open and if Stassi could accept me and the conditions, then I would happily continue our friendship. If not, well I did everything I could.
Now this Annemarie chick...I'm not sure what exactly she is doing here. Why was it so important for her to come here and confront Tom and Ariana with her "story"? I do not for a minute believe her story, aside from the fact that she did meet and hang out with the boys in Miami. I don't feel like delving into the semantics of it all, but it virtually doesn't add up. Watching Kristen wither while she spoke and chug wine as if Tom cheated on her with this girl was comical really. I'm still trying to figure out what Kristen feels she has to gain by orchestrating this whole thing, besides some karmic punishment. Why did she want to break Tom and Ariana up so bad? Does she realize that even if this were true that the fate of Tom and Ariana's relationship is THEIRS to decide? And if they were to break up, does she think that this would win Tom over? I'm seriously at a loss here. We had just come off an amazing trip and everyone was in a great place and this week was leading up to Scheana and Shay's wedding and Kristen decides to do this NOW?!

It sounds like Annemarie was reading lines as she spoke. No conviction in her voice. I understand why Tom ran away when he saw her. First of all, he was blindsided by this girl he met once in Miami who decided to fabricate a story. Now this is just plain creepy. She has taken it to new levels by showing up at his work like a crazed stalker. I don't blame him for getting out of there. He doesn't owe her anything and doesn't need to give her the time of day. On the other hand, to those who want to believe he cheated, the fact he ran away incriminates him further in their eyes. This is why I said it's not a good look to run away, because he didn't cheat and giving anyone the satisfaction of believing he did just makes the matter worse. It's tough because when people are accusing you of cheating and you really didn't, you want to just ignore it and not let it get to you, because if you do, then you will look guilty. But on the other hand, when you are being accused of something you didn't do it's really frustrating and you want to fight to prove your innocence, which can also make you look guilty. It's a double-edge sword. It's nearly impossible to handle and correct this situation when people are shoving it in your face.

I really felt for Scheana during her fight with Kristen. Scheana wasn't trying to make it about her, but Kristen put her in an impossible situation. Scheana has been an advocate for Kristen and stood by her and for Kristen to do something so selfish and cause Scheana to have to deal with this drama right before her wedding is completely unfair. I couldn't believe my eyes the way Kristen spoke to her and then to Diana, her boss. This is exactly the kind of behavior that management and Ken and Lisa DO NOT tolerate.

Thank god Tom and Ariana came back to work and apologized to Lisa. I loved the way they handled the second attempt by Annemarie. It further proves that the story this girl is spewing is complete garbage, and they aren't going to let her try and shake them. This girl has no purpose aside from wanting attention. I don't know anyone that would travel cross country to go and confront someone who they claim to have had a horrible one-night stand with. So I'm sorry Annemarie, but you've just wasted your time.

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