Tom Sandoval

Tom wishes Kristen could hold on to her rationality, but he isn't going to let rumors hinder their relationship.

on Jan 10

Ariana and I have been friends for over three years, our friendship has mainly just consisted of talking and goofing off at work behind the bar, and hanging out in group situations, like at Scheana's or at bars with friends. I will say that over the years we've defiantly developed a closer friendship -- that happens when you work next someone for a long periods of time and consistently. It's just what happens. We are the kind of friends where we might talk at work, hang out after with other co-workers, text a few times, then not talk or see each other for a month or more, especially if we don't work together, or see each other.

When Ariana and I went shopping, Kristen def knew. At this point our relationship was really strong, so Kristen wasn't worried about anything. As far as the rumors, I feel at that time, her and I both were over even acknowledging them -- because rumors only get life when you give them life. No need to water the rumor plant, just let it die.

I don't even know how or why Dani would start saying such ridiculous things or even open her mouth about me. I've never talked to Dani about anything more than the weather or a drink for a table while working. There is only a couple reasons why Dani would start rumors about me, she somehow heard about what my "good friend" Jax said and decided to get on the bandwagon in desperation to have something legitimate to say to the mean girls group, and get some attention -- or she has some weird shrine of me and or a voodoo doll to match. Either way, it was nothing less than desperate, creepy, and overall pathetic...I wish Kristen would have never even confronted Dani about her bullshit "banter" claims, because that's exactly what Dani wanted. . .