Tom Tries for a Happy Girl, Happy World

Tom explains how he saved his relationship (without Jax's help) and shares why Stassi has no reason to talk about modeling.

I have to say, with so much happiness, things with Kristen are just going so great! In Arrowhead, it's like the clouds parted and the sun really started to shine right down on our relationship -- and let me tell you, I am soaking it in!

I have to admit, when it comes to my passions and goals in my career, I can be a bit of a mad scientist. As much as I feel Kristen should be a little more understanding with my career (the way I am with hers), I know that, however provoked, I had done some MAJOR damage to our relationship, our friendship, and most of all, our trust. And at this point I've caught a break!

All I can think about is what I can do to keep that happiness flowing from her. There's that saying, "Happy wife, Happy life." Well, in my mind, I changed it to "Happy Girl, Happy World!" I started to realize that if things aren't good and strong on the home front, than how could I focus on my career, life, and goals? THERE WAS A CHANGE IN KRISTEN BECAUSE THERE WAS A CHANGE IN ME! I was making our home, and our relationship, our sanctuary. . .breakfast together every day, then we'd go to the gym, home cooked dinners together, late night candlelit talks with wine, and ACTUAL DATES, laughing, kisses, music, movies, stories, sneaky kisses, more laughing, makeout seshes, topped with lots and lots of epic, amazing sex! Once again, our relationship had become bulletproof.

Kristen came back to work, from her much needed break, with a new found happiness and confidence, with priorities in place, and seeing the big picture (like not biting the hand that feeds you!). I was SO relieved to see that the damage with Lisa wasn't irrevocable. I knew the security and love at home would naturally transcend to the workplace.

It REALLY gets to me to hear Stassi tell Jax he's not "allowed" to model with girls anymore! Let's just set the record straight by saying that booking a little GQ spread with a pornstar with a couple other shoots through Jax's agency, doesn't make you a model Stassi! Stassi has never traveled to different cities going on five castings a day and booking $2-5k a day shoots. Through our 12 plus years of modeling, Jax and I have done numerous fashion spreads, editorials, campaigns, brochures, billboards, video games (Jax), book covers, fit modeling, showroom work, magazine covers, catalogs, product packaging, with fashion weeks after fashion weeks. . .At one time I personally had nine agencies in just the US alone! Stassi is more of a couple test shoots from Model Mayhem and a club runway show for a buddy's t-shirt line. . .So don't sit there and say "I used to model, and I know what it's like." Stassi doesn't have a f---in' clue in the world what it's like to be a working model! If she did, then Stassi would know if Jax called up his booker and said "Hey sorry, but I can't do any photoshoots with chicks anymore," his agent would prob laugh and say, "OK well, come by the agency, pick up your comp cards, and have a nice life." (Editor's Note: You can see photos of Tom's modeling career here.)

I can tell you, that on any legit photoshoot, being anything less than completely professional is just flat out not tolerated. Before Camila even met Matthew McConaughey and became his wife, we shot a huge budget, Bon Jovi music video together ("Misunderstood") and she was topless on top of me for three hours. I did nothing but keep direct eye contact with her, in pure paranoia of being anything less than professional. Well, because of my professionalism and awesomeness (OK, I'm being a bit cocky, LOL!), I went on to shoot the next video ("All About Loving You") and many more things came from that. After you've had some ACTUAL experience, at the end of the day, screw the cheap thrills! It all comes down to building your resume, making your $$$, and booking the next one!

With the Kitson photoshoot, this is all Jax has on his mind! I could see how annoyed the photographer was with that girl on the shoot, prob her first and last job with Kitson. . .

Even way before Jax cheated in Vegas, several times over the years Stassi proved that she doesn't understand the industry to the point of being delusional. This cost Jax bookings and many client relationships, which was mind blowing considering that was his only source of income for a lot of their relationship. . .

It's so sad to see this behavior from Stassi, because you know Jax is so whipped, he's just going to spend all the money he makes from this shoot on her anyways! What's next Stassi? "You have to follow my list of rules Jax, and I only date guys with nine toes, so that pinky toe has to go!" LOL! Either Stassi is naive, narcissistic, and was never told "No!" growing up -- OR she relishes watching Jax fail and be miserable. . .Let's just be plain honest. . .it's BOTH!

Ariana overall is pretty rad chick, a good friend, and super chill, unlike most all the other girls at SUR. I was definitely not cool with seeing her and Scheana talk s--- about Kristen! Kristen has given her a hard time in the past so I'm sure she was just venting.

It's cool having her around because she's a great bartender and really funny and a nice break from these bratty, catty, stupid girls at SUR who need to stop pretending that they are investigating this stupid Ariana rumor because they actually care about Kristen. None of these girls that care about this rumor actually give a s--- about Kristen. They just literally have absolutely nothing better to do with their lives and time, except try and spread rumors and sabotage my relationship. I can't think of anything more sad and pathetic. . .

And watching Jax find such humor in single-handedly trying to sabotage my relationship just to get some attention from Stassi left me speechless. Why am I such a good friends with a guy who continues to f--- me over? I just don't know what I ever did to him except always have his back, give him a place to stay, pick him up when he's down, and try and fight the other guy Stassi was with.

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Ariana: Tom and I Have Reached Our Boiling Points

Ariana is more convinced than ever that the Miami affair didn't happen.

Right off the bat, I want to get something out of the way: I’m not the smartest person I've ever met in my life (I’ve also never technically "met" myself, so that choice of words is hilarious.). I didn't mean that seriously; I let my frustrations get to me, and I lashed out. There are much better and more clear ways to express my point of view without sounding like a total ---hole. Smooth move, Ferguson.

That being said, when you live your life amid second and third-hand rumors and lies, it's hard to have an objective point of view. Watching conversations that I wasn't present for gives me a much clearer perspective…it’s an out-of-body experience.

Let's be clear: Jax didn't "crack," "reveal," or "admit" anything. He never made a choice between being loyal and being honest, because he has never been either of those things (and I doubt even knows the definition of those words). I was so frustrated that people were interested in the “story” and the gossip and were so desperate for it to be true that they weren't paying attention to the fact that NONE of it made any sense!

Every single time that someone attempts to perpetuate this story about Tom, their story changes, without fail. Each person involved has their own reasons for doing so. While neither Tom nor I have anything to actually worry about, both of us reached our boiling points due to the relentlessness with which this has been brought up. We’ve always told the truth, but because it’s not interesting, people jumped at the chance to buy into the bullsh--. I mean, there are people who still believe that our relationship started as an affair. I don’t have to go on a ridiculous crusade to "clear my name" and then act as though I've been a martyr to truth. But if that’s what helps someone sleep better at night? Hopefully a good night's rest will help them be a better human.

I've been told that I'm pretending to be someone I'm not, that I'm fake, because I'm not interested in petty drama, or because Tom and I don't feel the need to hide our happiness. I've been told I'm shady and mean, because I'm not nice 100% of the time, but when I am, I get called a doormat. Guess what? I’m a three-dimensional human being, like the rest of the world. I’ve got issues: I’m not forthright with my feelings, I have crippling anxiety, cellulite, and my hair always refuses to part where I want. But while I may not be nice 25/8, I try not to be rude to anyone who doesn't deserve it.

2014 was the best year of my life in so many ways, exacerbated by the fact that my 2013 was full of tragedy, struggle, and pain. Tom has always been a good friend to me, and I feel so incredibly grateful for the life we have together. I am so proud of him and proud to be his partner and teammate. Tom always has my back, and I will always have his.
The bottom line is that some people will love you, some people will hate you, but most people don't care either way. I'm doing the very best I can, and that's all I can do. Gossip, rumors, and a flair for the dramatic rank very low on my list of priorities. I'm so thankful for the people who have always been there for me. It's such a great feeling to know that there are wonderful and kind people in this world. I'm truly lucky to know so many.

True love is real. Onward and upward. Live long and prosper. In case I don't see you: good afternoon, good evening, and good night.



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