Tom Sandoval

Tom explains how he saved his relationship (without Jax's help) and shares why Stassi has no reason to talk about modeling.

on Dec 1, 2013

Ariana overall is pretty rad chick, a good friend, and super chill, unlike most all the other girls at SUR. I was definitely not cool with seeing her and Scheana talk s--- about Kristen! Kristen has given her a hard time in the past so I'm sure she was just venting.

It's cool having her around because she's a great bartender and really funny and a nice break from these bratty, catty, stupid girls at SUR who need to stop pretending that they are investigating this stupid Ariana rumor because they actually care about Kristen. None of these girls that care about this rumor actually give a s--- about Kristen. They just literally have absolutely nothing better to do with their lives and time, except try and spread rumors and sabotage my relationship. I can't think of anything more sad and pathetic. . .

And watching Jax find such humor in single-handedly trying to sabotage my relationship just to get some attention from Stassi left me speechless. Why am I such a good friends with a guy who continues to f--- me over? I just don't know what I ever did to him except always have his back, give him a place to stay, pick him up when he's down, and try and fight the other guy Stassi was with.