Exclusive: Go Inside Katie And Tom's Engagement Party

Our #PumpRules producer gives us a behind the scenes look at the season 4 finale.

Oh no! It's the finale episode already! So much has happened this season, and yet it's all gone by so fast. Let's take a look at some of the highlights:

Katie and Schwartz got engaged:

Stassi returned to the group...to not-so-open arms:

James declared himself the white Kayne West:

Tom Sandoval created a funky hit song:

Scheana and Shay struggled through their first year of marriage:

Kristen dated around Los Angeles:

La La and Faith SUR-vived SUR

Vanderpump Rules
James and Faith Break it Down
James Kennedy and Faith show off their dance moves.

And Jax, well he was just Jax:
Vanderpump Rules
Jax's Most Embarrassing Sex Story
Jax Taylor reveals his two most embarrassing sexual encounters.

Shout out to Brittany this season. She really held her own with her BF Jax:

This episode was all about Katie and Schwartz and their love. They put together a beautiful bash at Lisa's grand abode. It was a real treat to have the party filled with family and friends. No matter what drama was going on, everyone put on a happy face for the couple. Here are some behind the scenes videos:

Vanderpump Rules
Tom Schwartz Sets up the Bar at His Engagement Party
Watch Schwartz melt as he gets ready for his engagement party.

It was a super hot, hot day, so the set up process was not easy. Check out Schweaty Schwartz setting up the bar as he explains how you can keep track of who took the most shots at the party.
Vanderpump Rules
Ariana Weighs in on Katie and Schwartz's Engagement Party
Spoiler alert: no complaints here!

Ariana tells us her thoughts on the party. She got to feed the Vanderpump swans!

Katie and Tom had to rent porta-potties because Lisa wouldn't let anyone in the house. It naturally became a cast hang out spot.

The after party was crazy fun, and also just plain crazy. Tom performed, Jax tried his best not to fight James, Lala and Kristen tussled, but all in all people had a fantastic time. The person who seems to get along with everyone is Brittany. See Jax and Brit's thoughts on her new friends:

Vanderpump Rules
Brittany Loves Her New Boobs!
Brittany and Jax both express their love for Brittany's new boobs.

Vanderpump Rules
Jax Professes Love for Brittany's New Boobs
Jax Taylor approves of Brittany's boob job.

Stassi and Jax finally had an adult convo. They grow up so fast, don't they? Let's take a quick walk down memory lane with these two.

And TomKat got a new Jenga set that everyone signed.

Now I know there are still some burning questions lingering in the Vanderpump Rules universe. Will Stassi and Katie be the friends that they once were? Will Stassi and Jax be BFFs now? Will Ariana and Scheana's friendship make it? Is James sober and dating Lala? Did Schwartz and Katie ever have engagement party sex? Is Jax really the number one guy in the group, or is it Sandoval? Don't worry friends – there's a reunion coming! I will be there every step of the way for you (on twitter) answering all your burning questions.

I leave you with a #selfie of me and the Vanderpump mini horses.

See you at the reunion!

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