Our Producer Helps Kick off Vanderpump Rules Season 4

An inside look at Scheana's big birthday bash and a taste of what's to come this season...

Sooooo here we are again! We're so excited to be back with another season for the history books. On our first day of shooting back at SUR Lounge, I took the opportunity to do some filming of my own. This literally was the first time I was seeing some of these kids again. Welcome back!

Vanderpump Rules
Welcome Back to SUR!
Bravo Producer, Erin Foye returns to SUR for season 4 of Vanderpump Rules and welcomes back all of your favorite SURvers.

Exclusive: We updated our show open again this season. It’s pretty fresh! What do you think? Here is a behind the scenes look at the day we shot the new main titles.

Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules Cast Shoots the Main Title
Go behind the scenes of the Vanderpump Rules season 4 main title shoot.

One thing that everyone will notice right away is that Jax has redone his nose yet again. This happened just before the season started, but don't worry – Schwartz was there to capture it all on his phone!

Let's give everyone a quick shout out.

Cheers to the best busser and DJ at SUR, Mr. James Kennedy.

Will Jax stir the pot this season? Time will tell.

Schwartz and Tom were very serious about their rollerskating. Check out this home footage the boys shot, of their skate sessions.

It's not a party if Sandoval isn't in his underwear and jumping in a pool.

Check out Katie as Cher from Clueless and Ariana as a Warhol Factory Girl. I think these two take the cake for best costumes among the ladies.

Another year and another Scheana bash!

Hey look – Peter has a GF this season. Meet Sarah!

And of course Kristen is back too.

Scheana's birthday was a retro blast! Check out the Toms practicing their slick rollerskating moves.


Here are some additional birthday fun facts. Scheana has a major sweet tooth and is a sucker for candy bars. She had a candy bar at her wedding, and it was a must for her birthday party! Check it out.

Scheana also had a photo booth at the party, but the only people that took advantage were Peter and Schwartz. Take a look.

Some of my favorite moments during the season are when the Toms perform some of their original songs. Check out this stirring rendition of "Save That Poop". You heard it here first.

This is just a taste of what's in store for you this season. There is SO much more to come, so please stayed tuned. Lisa Vanderpump herself says bring the drama.

P.S. I know you all are wondering where Stassi is... You will just have to watch and wait to see what will unfold. All right, the Bravo Producer is signing off until next time. Love you, mean it.

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