#PumpRules Season 4 Reunion Secrets Revealed

Our #PumpRules producer gives us a behind the scenes look at the season 4 reunion.

It was a beautiful day in West Hollywood for the season 4 #PumpRules Reunion, but it was also a long day! The cast started rolling in at 7am and filming didn’t end until after 7pm. The good news is, that means we all had plenty of time for #behindthescenes fun. Check out Jax's thoughts on the reunion from when he first arrived that morning.

Vanderpump Rules
Jax Hopes He Doesn't End up in Jail
Jax Taylor shares his thoughts heading into the reunion.

Here are some things you didn't know from the #PumpRules Season 4 Reunion:

Andy's rider for his trailer included Earl Grey tea and Diet Coke.

Tom Schwartz's perm. Yes, Tom got a perm but it didn't really look like a perm, just like the non-perm perm he got for Scheana's birthday party! Far be it for me to judge, but I'm just saying that maybe Schwartz needs a new perm-ologist.

Katie uses leg makeup. Who needs to tan when you can use leg makeup to really make your stems camera-ready?

Vanderpump Rules
Katie Applies Leg Makeup for the Reunion
Katie Maloney gets glammed up for the reunion.

The cast and especially Ariana kept referring to Sandoval as Kris Jenner. Sandoval's reunion haircut looked very similar to that of the Kardashian mother.

Scheana has an emergency makeup pack handy and ready to go on stage. During the reunion the breaks are very limited so you need to have your vanity items accessible and close.

Vanderpump Rules
Scheana Packs Emergency Makeup Bag
...for the reunion!

Jax's socks were mismatched and from Old Navy. The stylist hooked him up with a fresh new pair.

Ariana's hairdo was meticulously constructed so it would be perfect for a side profile shot.

Kristen's adorable dog Gibson made an appearance at lunch.

Side note, the dog tally now is:

Kristen: Gibson @gibson_nicks

Schwartz & Katie: Gordo @gordovonfriend

Stassi: Zoe & Luda

Jax: Kingsley @spoiledkingsley

Tom & Ariana: Charlotte @charlotteyorkmadix

Lala: Lily

Scheana: has cats

Tune in next week for the reunion part two where Stassi shows up and really stirs the pot!

Now it is really time to say goodbye. That's a wrap on season 4! We have had a lot of smiles and cries. Until next season! I will miss you all. @bravoproducer out!


Well see ya later!


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