The Perfect Engagement Photo Shoot in 13 Easy Steps

And the award for cutest engagement photo shoot goes to...Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz!

During last night's episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz begrudgingly agrees to participate in an engagement photo shoot with Katie Maloney, although he says he swore he never would! And boy are we glad he finally did agree to it because this is definitely the cutest engagement photo shoot we've ever seen.

Katie reveals that the inspiration behind this shoot is straight from 1993's movie, The Sandlot. More specifically Katie says it's inspired by "the scene where Squints pretends to drown and Wendy's like giving him mouth to mouth..." A bit random, but we're into it!

Here's a step by step guide to creating the cutest and most perfect engagement shoot:

1Have your partner pretend to drown.

2Make sure help is nearby.

3Look flawless...

4...and hot, even in distressing situations.

5Check for vitals.

6Can you hear a heartbeat?

7Give a little mouth to mouth...

8Finally reveal it was all just a joke!

9Flaunt your love!

10Be adorable and dorky.

11Give smooches to your loved one.

12Flaunt that ring!

13Celebrate with your friends.

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