What Makeup Secrets Did Katie and Scheana Reveal at the #PumpRules Reunion?

Leg makeup? Check! Emergency makeup bag? Check!

If there's one thing the ladies of #PumpRules know, it's how to perfect their reunion look. Now two reunion vets are sharing their beauty tricks...

In the video above Katie Maloney reveals how she gets her legs to look completely flawless. How you ask? Katie applies leg makeup which she says is basically a liquid nylon to conceal any splotches. Very smart.

Vanderpump Rules
Scheana Packs Emergency Makeup Bag
...for the reunion!

How does Scheana Shay make sure she's all set for a full day of reunion shooting? She's packs a secret makeup bag that she can pull out at any moment when the cameras stop rolling. Genius!

But not everyone was feeling their reunion look. Lala Kent shared a few regrets about her makeup choice last week immediately following part one of the reunion, but we're sure she'll make up for it before we know it.

Vanderpump Rules
Lisa Vanderpump Gets Glammed up for the Reunion
Lisa shares her concerns for the reunion while she gets ready.

And don't miss Lisa Vanderpump dish on what she's anxious for at the reunion as she gets glammed up to perfection.

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