We've Uncovered the #1 Reason Brittany & Jax Are a Perfect Match

Proof Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are meant to be...

Throughout the years we've seen Jax Taylor struggle with pretty common words, metaphors, and idioms. And this season we watched as Brittany Cartwright also struggled with some pretty common words, so when Jax met Brittany it was as if the stars were aligned. Watch the video above as Brittany learns words like misogynistic, sociopath, and NDA. Then watch Jax mix up some pretty common metaphors in the clip below.

Vanderpump Rules
Jax's Unique Take on Common Idioms
Jax Taylor has trouble remembering the correct words to every day idioms.

And don't miss the premiere of Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky this summer.

Vanderpump Rules
Your First Look at Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky
Can Jax Taylor survive on a farm?

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