What Weirded Katie Maloney out During Her First Hookup With Tom Schwartz?

Schwartz remembers the very first time he hooked up with Katie.

During Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval's monthly spa excursion the two got to talking about...feet. In this exclusive bonus video, Schwartz tells Sandoval that he has something in common with foot aficionado, Jax Taylor. Schwartz reveals that back in college he had a thing for feet and says, "I still have a little residual foot fetish."

Schwartz then goes on to recall, "I remember the first time me and Katie hooked up, I threw that thing in my mouth in the heat of the moment...the first time was the best time, but I just threw that foot in my mouth and she was like, 'Whoa whoa take it down a notch.'"

So a word to the wise, maybe you should wait a little while before you pull out that foot fetish on your significant other.

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