You'll Never Guess What Made Jax Taylor Cry in New Orleans

Hint: There's an apology involved.

Jax Taylor has never been the most apologetic SUR employee. Although he's had his moments since we saw his start at SUR, Jax showed a new side of himself when he was apologetic to Stassi.

When Stassi gets emotional in New Orleans about being surrounded by couples while getting over her relationship, she talks to Brittany Cartwright about her feelings. As the two talk, Jax intervenes, and Stassi is reminded of her painful past with him and asks for an apology. In a truly unexpected moment, Jax does apologize for mistreating her. Brittany, who feels like she should be on the receiving end of Jax's apologies, doesn't seem too satisfied.

Vanderpump Rules
Brittany Wants An Apology From Jax
Brittany is not okay after Jax apologizes to Stassi.

What would any #PumpRules trip be without drama? Check out more behind the scenes action on the New Orleans trip below.

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