Brittany Cartwright Cooked This Meal That Made Jax Taylor Say "God I Love Her So Much!"

The Vanderpump Rules groom-to-be gushed over his bride's home cooking.

We already know that Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor love dining out, whether it's somewhere hot and buzzy (ahem, Tom Tom) or... less so. (Hey, who doesn't crave Taco Bell sometimes?) But, if you've ever wondered what the Vanderpump Rules lovebirds eat at home, now we have your answer. 

On September 10, Jax posted a clip to Instagram Stories that showed a homemade dinner his wife-to-be had cooked up. "Yum baby, yum," he said, panning over the plate. Though Jax didn't announce what it was, we did some squinting — and here's what we came up with: The dish appears to hold chicken parmesan, pasta, and a side of corn. Yum, indeed. (And it's nice to see that we're not the only ones who enjoy spray butter in the clutch.)

And if you're curious how Jax and Brittany eat a homemade dinner, it's in the coziest way possible: In front of a movie (Bruce Almighty was that night's feature) with their dog yapping happily nearby. 

Photos: Jax Taylor/Instagram

It's a picture of domestic bliss — and Brittany definitely knows the surest way to her man's heart!

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