James Kennedy Is Obsessed With Halo Top's "Puffle Cone" and His Pics Are Making Us Drool

The Vanderpump Rules DJ attended Halo Top's latest ice cream shop opening and shared craving-inducing snaps.

When we heard that our favorite freezer-section indulgence — Halo Top, natch — would soon be available at yet another new brick-and-mortar creamery, we freaked out a little bit. But little did we know that a hot Los Angeles DJ, a one James Kennedy, felt the exact same way.

Yep, it's true. As it turns out, the Vanderpump Rules pal was one of the first ice-cream lovers in line when the shop opened at the Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles on April 24. From inside the cute shop, which is lined with mint-green subway tiles, the English DJ shared: "Guys we're at the Halo Top opening. I just got Blueberry Crumble [Halo Top] in a puffle cone. I don't know what a puffle is but we're about to find out." 

Not to spoil anything for you, but a puffle cone is kind of like a waffle cone made out of soft, doughy bubbles. (Check out the #pufflecone hash tag if you need a visual/an escape down a delicious Instagram rabbit hole.)

Still, we've never seen a cone quite like the one James got, which was topped with Gummy Bears and sprinkles. Prepare for awe: 

Photos: James Kennedy/ Instagram 

"WOW, look at this thing," James said of his highly decorative treat.

And, for the record, we could not agree more. 

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